wind turbine energy generation

Wind Energy Facts



1. Like solar energy, after the initial installation costs, wind energy production is free. Also, like solar energy systems, the cost of production has decreased over the years. Wind energy production has been a popular renewable energy source for farmers. Wind turbine installation has gained interest commercially and with home owners particularly in more rural areas of the country.

2. Wind energy is also a renewable and sustainable energy source. Unlike solar panels that rely on the sun shining to produce energy, wind turbines can produce energy 24/7, day and night.

3. Wind energy is a green energy source, and a wind turbine produces negligible amounts of these gases throughout its lifetime.

4. Wind turbines are space efficient and do not take up much real estate like solar panels.

5. Much like solar, the cost of operating a wind turbine system is low and maintenance is minimal.

6. The installation costs of wind turbines have decreased significantly over the years due to improvements in technology and increased demand. 


1. Considering wind energy in urban residential areas can be problematic due to zoning restrictions. Each case needs to be researched and the property owners need to be properly advised as to the restrictions in their area. 

2. In residential areas, wind turbines lose to solar panels because of the aesthetics. In most cases, wind turbines need to be mounted on a pole structure that reach several feet in the air. Most cities have pole height restrictions. If you can’t get the wind turbine high enough, it will cut down on efficiency.

3. In some cases, wind energy can be unpredictable, as wind speeds often rise and fall. This also holds true for solar energy.

4. Wind turbines can cause some noise pollution and other energy sources, such as solar, don’t. 

5. Also, there are environmental factors to consider. Birds have little chance of survival if they happen to fly into a wind turbine blade.

6. It was mentioned that the initial cost of installing a wind turbine system has declined over the years, but there still is a high upfront investment that has to be measured against the ROI of installing the system.

Wind Energy Generation Explained

The link below is a short video from the US Department of Energy that explains how wind energy works.

US Department of Energy smart grid video